August 26, 2016
What are the hours?
Southbridge is made up of a group of streets with businesses. Please check individual establishments pages for proper hours of operation.
Where do I park?
There is FREE underground parking below the Main building along the canal. The entrance is right past BARRIO QUEEN just before 5th ave [look RIGHT]. The FREE parking garage is located under the Two story MAIN Southbridge building and stretches along the  businesses with elevators + stairs.
The information is not correct on this site
Please feel free to contact us if there are any errors. We do our best  to keep updated with all the proper information. Please make sure you contact any business personally if you have any questions about an event or their hours ETC.
I lost Something at Southbridge
We are sorry to hear that... unfortunately there is no Lost + Found due to that fact each business is independent. I would suggest you call the businesses  you visited  and ask them them about your lost item.
I never know where to park
There is FREE Parking - UNDERGROUND RIGHT [WEST] behind Barrio Queen on Stetson Av. just before 5th ave. The FREE parking garage is located under the building and stretches along the businesses with elevators + stairs.
Can I have an event there?
There are many areas to the southbridge district. It will determine what part of the district you intend to use. Please send us a message for a specific location / area.